Rare Tycoon Style H-Game: Haru Urare ~Kounai Akasen Kuiki~ はるうられ 校内赤線区域


Haru Urare ~Kounai Akasen Kuiki~ はるうられ 校内赤線区域 (Haru Urare Red Light District) is one of the few simulation game in Hentai world. And it is probably one of the most evil. The game was released in 2009 by Alicesoft, as a bonus for another game title アリス2010.

In this game, you are a member of an underground society in a school. Your mission is to ‘capture’ girls and train them to satisfy your customers, while making money through the transactions. If you cannot meet the financial goal set by your society, the game will be over. And you can recruit students or even teachers to serve for you.

As a big fan for tycoon games like Locotion, The Conveni, RollerCoaster Tycoon and SimCity, I can tell Haru Urare ~Kounai Akasen Kuiki~ is one of its own kind in terms of game style. Like other simulation titles, keeping good stats is very important to maintain the business (as in this game, the quality of your girls and money). Yet, the game has a lot of random aspects that could make or break your plan. You may want to save and load throughout. If you are fed up with just long strings of dialogue in general H-games, you may want to give this one a go. Be warned though: the game may not be suitable for everyone because of the dark nature…

There is one special feature about this game. You can create a custom girl profile with your chosen picture. Therefore literally you can recruit your own girls and train them to make money for you.

Anyway, I will share some basic strategy on a separate post soon. I will conclude this post with some screenshots you may be interested in ….


This is the major screen to mange pretty much everythingはるうられ_20120102_160126

Girls Management Screen


List of achievements you can complete, just like XBOX 360 (or trophies in PS3)

Here are some unlockable CG pieces from the gallery for your eye candy (it’s a H-Game anyway)…




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