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[Lily Lily Rose] Sister Complex

[日文] [Lily Lily Rose] Sister Complex [14P]



[NANIMOSHINAI] 私は友達とHする2 [22P]

[NANIMOSHINAI] 私は友達とHする2 [22P]

Kaichou no Iinari! 早希姐姐 夜晚的大變身

Kaichou no Iinari! Manga online in Chinese

[C80] ぬきむぎ (けいおん!) – 篠塚醸二/常時無常

ぬきむぎ (けいおん!) – 篠塚醸二/常時無常[Jouji Mujou (Shinozuka Jouji)] Nuki Mugi (K-ON!)

Full color manga translated in Chinese.  A doujin work based on the popular anime K-on!. Chinese translation is 轻音少女-紬酱的秘密. Enjoy!


Niku Matsuri Series 1 – 6 by Circle Ohigetan (Ohigetan)

A series of intense erotic manga works from Circle Ohigetan. Enjoy!

Rare Tycoon Style H-Game: Haru Urare ~Kounai Akasen Kuiki~ はるうられ 校内赤線区域


Haru Urare ~Kounai Akasen Kuiki~ はるうられ 校内赤線区域 (Haru Urare Red Light District) is one of the few simulation game in Hentai world. And it is probably one of the most evil. The game was released in 2009 by Alicesoft, as a bonus for another game title アリス2010.

[石川シスケ] 金の女房x銀の女房

You may well be familiar with the old tale cyprus story The Honest Woodcutter, also known as Mercury and the Woodman and The Golden Axe. Now this is the H manga version of the classic story (Chinese translation).

3d Custom Girl USB Onacon Preview

TechArts 3D has recently released the USB onacon for their popular H-game title: 3D custom girl. The hardware will simulate the in-game penetration during the virtual intercourse. Sound pretty cool huh? The onacon is included with the game in whole bundle at about US$120. Standalone price will be up to the retailer.

List of Favorite Hentai Blogs

Do you also love downloading HCG resources? While Hongfire has lost the direct download section, there are still active blog owners who are willing to share what they love. For convenience, here are a list of hentai blogs you can check out for satisfaction.