Stereographic 3D in H-Game Guide


Stereographic 3D has been here for some time. And you can readily enjoy the visual stereo experience in most 3D games with a little plugin. Some games like School Mate 2 indeed include the anaglyph stereographic function. Below is an example of the anaglyph effect. Red-cyan glass is required to see the effect.


If your favorite game does not have built-in anaglyph, you can install the iz3d driver to activate the function. The software is free. It works for most games with 3D models, but not guaranteed.

To download the iz3d software, follow this link:

After installation under ‘DirectX’, enable stereo and choose anaglyph (free) with red-cyan. This will do the trick.


Now execute the game and have fun! If you are not satisfied with the default setting, you can adjust the degree of convergence and separation of the anaglyph effect during the game. Look for the corresponding hotkeys under ‘Profiles’.

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